Monday Morning at 10 am zoom 5272072915 

Monday Night at 7:30 pm zoom 9034233379,   Pswd - alanon

Friday Night at 7:30 pm - zoom 270895859

Saturday Morning AFG 

Join Online or Dial In for Saturdays Temporarily Electronic Meetings

Using below URL:


Using phone to Dial-in:  **If your phone plan includes unlimited Long Distance Charges use Vancouver or Calgary numbers**

Canada -Vancouver: +1 778 656 0777 Access code: 570 2365 

Canada -Calgary: +1 587 287 4057 Access code: 570 2365

**If your phone plan does not include Long Distance Charges use 

Canada - Toll Free: +1 800 930 0056  Access code: 570 2365“


Tuesday mtg is at 7PM - Mtg ID. 297-150-938 Pswd. 338604.

Wednesday mtg is at 7PM - Mtg ID. 933-617-382 Pswd. 276049.

Additional Information

If Al-Anon members choose to temporarily set up electronic meetings please use this as a guideline:

  • The electronic meeting is to be set up at the same time and day as the face-to-face meeting
  • Once it has been determined to meet electronically, share the information with your Area Group Records Coordinator (AGRC), local Al-Anon Information Service or wherever your meeting information is displayed locally online. This way, newcomers will continue to be able to find meetings within their "community." Many local websites have created lists of meetings that have temporarily closed and are posting the electronic information to replace the meeting, if it has been set up.
  • If possible, try to place a sign at the physical meeting location directing newcomers how to access the meeting electronically.

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