Featured Literature

Hope & Understanding for Parents & Grandparents


Description of the challenges facing parents and grandparents of young problem drinkers, as well as a wide variety of inspiring personal stories. It also includes a section on how parents and grandparents apply the Twelve Steps. 24 pages. 

Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships


Members share their challenges with all aspects of intimacy physical, emotional and spiritual;l in all relationships affected by the family illness of alcoholism.

Indexed, softcover. 144 pages.

50th Anniversary (Only 2 Available)


One day at a time in Al-Anon 5th Anniversary addition.

Al-Anon Family Groups Classic Edition


Al-Anon's first book in its original text, remains pertinent, connecting us with our pioneer members's legacy. With an added introduction, footnotes, and appendix. Indexed. 196 pages.

The Dilemma of The Alcoholic Marriage


Help for the spouse in dealing with problems in alcoholic relationships. Discusses anger, communication, sex, and more. Indexed, softcover. 102 pages.

From Survival to Recovery


Al-Anon adult children tell their stories. Explores the long-term effects of being raised with alcoholism, and why Al-Anon can help. Indexed. 303 pages.

 We're Living the Legacies in Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature